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Hello, my name is Anna Beatriz and I have 24 years old. I'm crazy about my city, Rio that's why I created this space. My objective here is sharing more about the alternative tourism of Rio de Janeiro.

The blog's idea happened because I was always a person who is proud to say I was born in Rio de Janeiro. How I am passionate about my city, I have always done many tours, from the most common to the most different ones. Also, I liked to post and share my photos in those places and my discovery tips in my social media. So, I thought about starting a blog just to put all my tips on discovering the city and so was finally on July 19, 2013 was born "PELO RIO", means walking through Rio.

Today, beyond to give Rio de Janeiro tips I also share my trips and talk about myself and my life. Welcome to my blog I hope you enjoy it.

Let's go, Rio de Janeiro is waiting for us.

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